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I am using the rbd tools in H17. 

I'm, confused by the name prefix attribute on the voronoi fracture. If it is not set to "piece" then my glue constraints do not work.

I would assume that the prefix attribute could be anything? Certainly the subsequent geometry and constraints points / prims are labelled appropriately. 

Ultimately I would like to constrain multiple objects with multiple fractures. I can achieve this by offsetting the piece 'index' with each fracture, but this is clumsy. Surely it could be achieved using the primitive name prefix attribute?

I have attached a scene file containing a single object with / without name prefix as "piece" and a multiple fracture setup.

Any help is gladly received! 



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hi, just quick pointer:

-"name prefix" is used by "assemble" node, so all primitives having the same name are considered one piece. You need to use assemble node after you break (just make sure that "create packed geometry" is checked, and uncheck "create name attributes")

-Definitely you can change it to any thing, actually, you must change between objects (i.e. each building to be destroyed must have a unique name), otherwise they all will be one piece. 

-have you tried to use the shelf tool to create a simple setup to inspect? just try to make it work on a very small scale then create a bigger scene...

gooood luck :)

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Aha! I didn't have the "output prefix" in the assemble node matching the "name prefix" in the voronoi fracture node.

Now to wire this up with multiple fractures.

Will upload when I have it ...


Thanks catchyid your post made me double check the assemble node.


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