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Found 10 results

  1. I'm trying to set up Houdini 18 SOP RBD systems combining different fracture methods together going into one rbdbulletSolver. I have everything working but one element I would love to add is the ability to control glue strength with bitmaps. I know there are clusters and procedural ways to vary glue strength but for art direction purposes I would like to use a grey scale bit map to color points scattered on geo in proximity to the constraint primitives, change their color to the grey scale values, then use those values as multipliers of a strength value. In this example file I am coloring scattered points with a color node instead of bitmap to make the file easier to but it should work the same way. Tutorials I've found are not working for me. Hoping to find some help. Thanks color_to_glue_strength_attempt.hiplc
  2. Hi, I am using the rbd tools in H17. I'm, confused by the name prefix attribute on the voronoi fracture. If it is not set to "piece" then my glue constraints do not work. I would assume that the prefix attribute could be anything? Certainly the subsequent geometry and constraints points / prims are labelled appropriately. Ultimately I would like to constrain multiple objects with multiple fractures. I can achieve this by offsetting the piece 'index' with each fracture, but this is clumsy. Surely it could be achieved using the primitive name prefix attribute? I have attached a scene file containing a single object with / without name prefix as "piece" and a multiple fracture setup. Any help is gladly received! jhealy_fx_rbdOdforceQuery_v001.hip
  3. creating noise in glue strength

    Hi, I just want to create different strength values in glue constraint but i could not understand that how i can set this cd up for my glue strength. here is my reference https://letshoudini.wordpress.com/2016/09/18/037-earthquake-building-collapse-rd-01/ and my hip file. cd_constraint.hipnc
  4. I found a lot of useful information here to do some basic metal bending with switching the constraint from Hard or Cone to Glue. and i am satisfied with the switch effect - but i have a lot of jiggle at the start, so i think i am on track but not getting it right. when i up the substeps it reduces the bending and jiggle but is this the right way? or do i have to do some more tweaking on the constraint settings? do i miss something? any help would be appreciated, here is the file. thx de Heavy Cone_to_Glue_Jiggle.hipnc
  5. glue constraint issue

    hey !! why i'm getting this weird glue constraint issue the obj gets hit the glue broken then it gets attached again . thanks
  6. Hello guys a basic question for a simple problem... that im sure has a simple answer. Want to spring-constraint pieces of packed rdb objects (debris) to be driven by a group of animated points. Right now im keeping it simple just a one-to-one connection. Something similar to this: Sadly his test scene is not using packed objects Attached is the test scene i 've been using For some reason i havent got the answer and right now i am just going in circles Thanks for the help glue_cns_test.hipnc
  7. Hi guys I just want to ask two quick questions. 1. I don't want glue constraint come back after removing, in my case it come back after removing and it make fracture pieces not fall/break properly. 2. I also want to control the bounce of fracture pieces ,they keeps on bouncing. I wonder if there is any method to deactivate sim per pieces. Thank you in advance
  8. I wanna collapse random pieces by breaking glue constraint through sphere or any object. But the problem i am facing in dop network is that whole rbd act as an active object and collapse from starting , i tried rbd keyframe active nothing work properly . I want only that pieces come in simulation from where glue constraint is breaking and other pieces should act as a passive object or sleep . I attched my file below Thanks in advance test.hipnc
  9. houdini bullet secondary fracture

    Hi, I am following houdini 13 master class bridge collapse scene and try to modify little bit. I want to make the pieces break after hitting ground ,i tried make breakable and many more things but i am stuck on that. Here is my hip file Thanks in advance bridge1.hipnc
  10. Hi, When fracturing an RBD Packed object (glass window) using Voronoi Fracture Configure Object, it works well. However when I added Glue Constraint in Constraint Network (Glue the glass window to static RBD Packed object window frame), it produces duplicate geo in the fracture of the glass window. I saw people talking about putting the piece* into Group Mask field for the RBDGlue object to solve a similar duplicate geo issue with RBDGlue object. However in my case, I'm using RBDPacked Object, and constraint network. I wonder if anyone has encountered the same problem? How can I solve this duplicated geo issue? Thanks for help! shu