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PDG Question

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I have small PDG graph that grabbing models by one from disk, doing some basic stuff with it (UV's, materials etc.) Then I load geometry to /geo, in same hip file, where I have camera, lighting setup and render node.
So when I clicking on work items in topnet I see models in scene through the camera.

Here is my question. Basically I have only one angle for camera that is suitable for bunch of models but not for all, so I need to incorporate some manual camera controls and somehow save camera settings for current work item. Is there a way to change camera settings only for certain work items? How can I setup such thing?

Thanks in advance

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What you think about saving camera settings for all items? That way you don't need to worry about exceptions and everything is standardized. The extra data will also be negligible. Of course, that supposes you can know which camera to use before saving the models. If you can't, then you have no choice than doing it manually later.

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That was the question...can I do it manually on fly for more artistic control on camera angles? Kind of...clicking work items one by one, all is ok...but stop, few models in this set looks weird from this angle )))

So I think the only way - is to copy/paste camera angles by hand in some csv file, and plug it into second camera that will be used for rendering...so camera will know angles for each work item. Am I right?

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