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RAM management with texture baking

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I'm running into memory issues when baking textures (using the Bake Texture mantra node). Right now I'm unable to bake 2048x2048 textures on a machine with 32GB of RAM at a 16x16 sample rate, which doesn't seem right.

I'm seeing two different bad behaviors: 

1. It starts rendering and the RAM usage just builds up and up until eventually it crashes.
2. It renders until the RAM usage is basically maxed out, then the CPU usage goes down to 3%, and the render never finishes. 

I'm not sure why it's not flushing any of the RAM as the render goes on? 

More details: 

I'm not rendering any extra image planes. 
I've tried png, exr and rat file outputs. 
I've tried setting a Cache Limit using both memory ratio & fixed size, but neither seemed to do anything. 

Running on Windows 10. 
Houdini 16.0.557

Looking for ideas for how I can fix this. Hoping there's something stupid I forgot.

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Upgrading to 16.0.1154 did the trick. I guess it was a bug. 

RAM now sitting at a steady 1.5 gigs, instead of all the gigs. 

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