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How to use Kill Inside Collision (oceansource_node)

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(I'm not good at English) 

I wonder How to I delete the particle from collision boundary. 

according to the Kill Inside Collision is Delete any particles inside any collision objects plugged into the second input.

  flattank size equal bounding box group to create .. um.. I need solution and vex sentence. Would you explain this ?!  


how to kill particles on boundary.PNG

qna kill the collision particle.PNG

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if you use a attribwrangle and plug the bounds in the second input, you can do this in vex:

vector bmin,bmax;
if(@P.x>bmax.x || @P.y>bmax.y || @P.z>bmax.z || @P.x<bmin.x || @P.y<bmin.y || @P.z<bmin.z)removepoint(0,@ptnum)

is that what you want to do?

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