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Stick on collision - Ragdall


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You can create a constraint on the fly.

i did some experiments recently, see the file attached (the constraints are even animated, as I wanted to see if the ragdoll could climb more or less realistically a wall... answer is no, but it can be useful to learn how to manipulate constraints on ragdolls :-)


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By the way, in order to find the limb on which a collision occured, the process is a bit long to explain, but know that there is an example in this course by Mikael Petersen on crowds. This guy is really an expert, I really recommend watching his courses.


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Well, this would require a bit of VEX, but I guess the main elements to achieve would be :

- I would work with a polygonal version of your collider (I don’t know what it is you are using, but you can always « hack » your DOP object and add pieces of data inside : check my other hip file, you will see that I need polygonal version of my terrain https://forums.odforce.net/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=49690

- you can use the Impact data (basically points), to find the prim and uv where the impact occured on your collider

- use these to always reference the point on this moving geometry where impact occured, and use this point to modifiy the constraint anchor in the sop solver of the constraint network

Of course, you will need to be familiar with Wrangle and SOP Solver and how to call different pieces of data in DOP... (all the bindings etc.)

Check the hip files I shared, because the main ingredients are there, you just need to spend some time figuring out, step by step, how to reference a point in DOP context, and use this position to modify a constraint network.

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