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guides into guideroom rotate on himself

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Hi everyone,
sorry again for my english..

i posted this topic into sidefx forum, but i don't have answer.

I'm really stressed because i need to finish this work.

I hope someone can help me here.

i try to use hair system.
But i have a problem with guidegroom, if i apply a hairclump node into guidgroom node, i can see that my guide are not stable, they are not fixed on my point, he turn around his axis when i start my animation.
I attach an example for show you.

There is a solution for stabilize my guide and he turn never on himself?

I want my guide don't rotate on himself if i transforme my geometry, i want he stay stable.

Please, say me if i'm not understable, thank you.

thank you for your understanding

Bests regards


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