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What's is the best way of pop collision in large scale destruction simulation?

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Hi. What is the best collision method of POP simulation for debris in large scale destruction simulations?

I think that such scenes in RBD are optimized by convex collision and packed geometry, so its computational cost is few. However, with POPSolver, we need to use Volume or Surface Collision (I thought ConvexCollision would work a while ago ...), so the computational cost will be quite high depending on the size of the scene.

Is there an optimal workflow for generating a Pop simulation with PackedRBD simulation and accurate collision?
Or is this something that you have to pay a reasonable cost for collision like VolumeSimulation?

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If you using proxy volume from your pre-generated sdf, I don't think it's going to cost a lot. If you generate your sdf in your pop network each frame, that will be a slow thing to do.

So I would suggest, pre-generate your sdf and just use the proxy volume to get your sdf into your static object.

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