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How to Export RBD sim from Houdini to Maya with out loosing Uvs?


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How to Export RBD sim from Houdini to Maya with out loosing Uvs?

I did a pretty heavy RBD sim in houdini but when i export the alembic to maya some of the UVs are missing, some of them are still there.

Is there any other way to export RBD sim from Houdini to maya without loosing UVs ?

Th anks in Advance.



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Couple of questions.

1. Are your UVs correct on your sim pieces before you even sim them?

2. Have you fractured them? If so, did you make sure the UVs are treated correctly throughtout the process

3. Did you export your pieces as packed or unpacked?

I'd start with making sure the UVs are correct before you even sim them. Check the pieces that you import into your rigid sim. If they are packed, unpack em. If you've fractured them, make sure you treated UVs correctly in that process. If they were fractured and you have an insde group or outside group, you can use a "attribtransfer" sop to transfer your UVs from original untouched geo to the outside group (* ^inside) of your sim pieces. If it is too late to resim the pieces with correct UVs, as long as your sim cache from earlier still has the "orient" and "pivot" attribs, you can simply use a "transformpieces" sop to transform your pieces with correct UVs. Names has to match ofc. After that you can try exporting the geo unpacked.

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