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alternative to polydraw for procedural face construction


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I have a bunch of points and polygons, and I need to build faces so that the points on the curves are referenced (not just snapped to at build time)

Using polydraw, I can't achieve this because it is not a procedural tool. Is there something that would work like Curve SOP using an input, and referencing points from the input with pn ? I guess I could do it with a chain of Curve, then somehow build quads, but it's a manual procedure and it's tedious.


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you can use Poly Draw procedurally if you never commit any edits

which may mean that you do the edits using the parameter pane instead if using viewport state which I think always commits the edits


alternatively you can use other tools like Skin SOP, or just build your geo using Poly Draw interactively once and then live Attrib Copy P from the curves, etc...


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I assume you typed the raw data manually in live_polydraw / raw data ?

Edit:** ok, so I see you' re using one edit per quad. This is the tedious part I wanted to avoid.

Also I have difficulties creating new faces when there is a polygon merged into the geometry. It won't snap to certain points for some reason that I don't understand.**

This is actually the solution I had in mind, if that part was done in the viewport interactively (maybe it is but I can't really replicate it).

The other solution (baked polydraw) is interesting too, and this is probably the one I'm going to use. Thanks.


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