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Solaris camera

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What are the Horizontal and Vertical Aperture parameters in Solaris camera? It's not the same aperture we use to in photography, more like a film size parameter, which is confusing.

The F-stop parameter (which defines the aperture size in real camera if I not mistaken) is also confusing, you need to use crazy numbers like 100 and more to get a more or less sharp image. Do those values meant to be completely far away from real camera values?

Also, is there a way to save renderings in Karma viewport, as it was possible with Legacy Render View (Add image to History).


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i had the same question on sidefx forum. the answer is that this LOP camera contains sort of a standard set of USD parameters and it's up to the developers to built their own interfaces around it, if they want to. which doesn't really answers the question but it indicates user experience may be improved in the future, or may not :) personally I find LOP camera completely useless at it's current state. the best workflow right now seems to have your standard camera setup in SOP and then import it in LOP. but then you can't move it around in LOP context bcs it seems to break once u touch it. work in progress i guess.

having said that, I guess we'll stick to old rendering workflows for some longer time. LOPs doesn't feel ready for production yet. will be great once polished, but right now there are too many quirks/bugs and unfinished/unsupported features.

as for the other thing, saving render snapshots, that's currently not possible as far as I know. but according to the developers, we should get some sort of a similar thing to the Render view with similar functionality. in the future. 

the topic link: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/70700/?page=1#post-300360

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Sounds like I can stay in Mantra world for now :)

But I am still curious, do you have any idea what would be material assignment workflow with Karma? I guess with Mantra the common practice was to store materials with assets and in LOP`s there is the ability to use the material library and do the assignment right before the rendering in the LOP context using geometry groups. I think SESI designed a very powerful system which should be a better version of Katana, but I am confused about how it should be used at a high level in complex project with a lot of shots.

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you can still store materials with assets and then import them with sceneImport LOP. i think the general material workflow in LOPs is very convenient.

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