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Substance Plugin in Houdini USELESS for Substance Painter?


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Substance Plugin in Houdini doesn't work with Painter, works only with designer. Right?

It accepts only sbsar files (designer files) both the "Lab Substance Material (Beta)" in Sops, and "Labs Substance Archive (Beta)"in Cops.

Has anyone somehow Substance Plugin with Substance Painter?


I seriously don't get it. they've done quite a lot of work, months of waiting, and they've pluged it with Designer. But designer outputs sbsar files for Painter to use it. So you bring in your designer material and texture in Painter. They've pluged houdini to Designer, but you've painted in Painter?! Am I missing something?


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Isn't the plugin more about using substance assets inside of houdini?  Ie you could bring in a substance generator and use it for height fields or cops etc.  Painter doesn't generate any assets as such, it just uses textures and substance designer archives to paint and then generate texture maps for models.  In that sense all you get out of painter is a texture map, which you could load in as a normal texture.

Substance painter files just store the maps and strokes needed to recreate the painting you've done at different resolutions, so don't think it would be any use inside of houdini in itself?



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