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Modeling & Texturing L-system Trees


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Does anyone have any suggestions in particular how to texture an l-system based tree? My problem is that I've been reading The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants, and while the silhouette of my trees are alright, they quite distinctly still look like polygonal trees. Where branches happen, it's still quite obvious, and I'm not sure how to make these look -good-

Additionally, does anyone know the best way to incorporate roots into the system?



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On the tube options, use a value other than 0 for the branch blend.

I had tried that, I was getting rather gross mutations with it, in the example picture that I had posted, it was closer to .1 than to 0

Nice textures you have there.

Thanks, I just quickly took some of the default rock ones from the library, I intend to get something better later, but just wanted to see if texturing made a difference as to how these things look.

Also try looking at the PolyWire SOP. This SOP is designed to read attributes that can be generated by the LSystem SOP.

I had actually tried this, but going back to it today, I realize that I had forgotten to turn on point attributes... so when I used PolyWire, it did nothing with a skeleton, and obviously looked exactly the same when I used tube settings.

With point attributes on, it's looking better.

For roots, I've decided to go with a second l-system that's copied to the base of the skeleton rather than trying to incorporate it into the rules of a single l-system.

It's looking a bit better now. I'll try to make a post with some decent trees once I've made some progress.


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For roots, I've decided to go with a second l-system that's copied to the base of the skeleton rather than trying to incorporate it into the rules of a single l-system.

Since I'm a noob in Houdini and Lsys, I also prefer to do that... but separating twigs, branches, trunks...

That is how I did this tree.

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So you did a separate l-system for each element then?

Yes, i did the twigs with leaves in one L-sys, then fead it into the leaf of the next L-sys, and so on...

I just thoght it would be easyer to edit each part this way. Firts because of the equations and second because my machine is slow.

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Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I could get some really nice dense foliage on the tree? The computer is only so good so I'd like to avoid simply raising the generations if possible. The tree looks pretty weak with simply a leaf at the end of each branch, but I don't know how to really fill out the tree unless I add tons of more branches.

Is there a way to inherit the tropism with a scatter? I tried to scatter points along the l-system, and when I copied leaves on, they all pointed straight up...



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that's a very nice looking tree....

my only crit would be the base of the trunk where it meets the ground...I don't think trees do that

Thanks, I adjusted the shape of the roots. I'm personally pretty happy with it since before the 17th I'd never even really heard of lsystems. After doing the two different types of trees, I'm feeling pretty confident. I just wish I had a -really- good way to render... that tree takes about a minute to render right now with houdini's default lighting and render set-up... I'd like to be able to bring that time down a lot more... seems like trying to do a forest would bring my machine to a grinding crash. Then again, I don't exactly have the same type of machine that a company would use for rendering.

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