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How to create modular wall kits?

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Hello! I'm currently working on a set of modular walls for a game. I've always did my modular walls on Blender and, to be honest, the process is kind of tedious. I tend to create several different sizes, and also different angles for corner combinations (15, 30, 45 deg, etc.). I was hoping that Houdini could help me automate this process so I have some kind of base mesh that I can replicate in several sizes. I'm not sure on the right process here. Automating this would also rule out metric errors (like me messing up the grid).

This is what my modular kits look like:




Each wall of mine has several possible combinations: Size A, with door, without door, with window, without window, with big window, without big window, etc. Then repeat for Size B, Size C. Pillars, external and internal corners, straight or round corners, different degrees for the round ones, and so on. I waste so much time doing that, that back in Blender I even tried to create a Python script to help me, but never managed to achieve something that was actually useful for me.

What technique would you guys recommend for me? Is there any video tutorial or course that I can buy on this subject? I found a lot of procedural cities and building generators, but they rely on building blocks, like modular walls. What I want is to generate that base geometry and create a whole base that I can decorate/modify later with my stuff (like moulding, greeble, etc).

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