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What helped you understand VOPS?


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Looking for suggestions on how to get a handle on VOPs. I have been diving deep into Houdini for the last 3 months and am still finding VOPS very confusing. Is there something I should study on the side that can help me understand VOPS? or is this a trial by fire and get used to it with time sort of thing? which I am sure is the case also. If there has been tutorials or study subjects that has helped I am all ears. 


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Maybe you should take a look at VEX.
VEX and VOP are really two flavor of the same thing, it's just about code.
If you are confortable with some language, then use VEX. If not it's probably why you're not confortable with VOPs
VOP network can be build quickly, but if you have not created them, they can be very difficult to "decrypt".
VEX is much simpler (IMO), especially when it comes to a succession of arithmetic operations or conversions.
small illustration on the picture (pythagore theorem).
If you become comfortable with VEX, then you will be comfortable with VOP, and you will choose to use it when it is advantageous.

One of the things that VOP is best used for, is when you want to play with noises.
But even then, I usually just create a VOP sop with the noise, export the result and process the datas behind it in a VEX sop.
Well, that's just me. But as you understood, I'm not a fan of VOPs either.

VEX vs VOP.jpg

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vop  is complicated and you are so complicated if you not understand the simple  staff: atributes. Took some year understand. But to get acquianted first come with simple examples and get therebefore with more completed and more complicate scene.

Dont be in panic just believe in you.



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