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Entry Level FX Simulation Reel: What to show?

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Hi everyone, sorry to bother you and I hope this is the right place to ask.

I'm a student who will be graduating in spring with a 3D animation degree, although ever since I first really got into Houdini a little over half a year ago it's become my main program and I've absolutely fallen in love with it, even if it makes me feel like an absolute fool at times. That being said, I've learned most of what I know through online tutorials, scouring these forums, and personal projects rather than guided assignments. This means that I have no idea what I should be attempting to showcase as I make a reel in attempting to find my first job. I've messed around with most basic systems in Houdini (Pyro, RBD, FLIP, particles) and know some VEX, but I don't think any of my work is particularly ground breaking.

I've asked around a few other places but figured that here would be a good place to ask as well because there are a lot of very experienced people who might be able to give me some insight. So what does a good student reel look like for an FX Simulation artist?

(Also, if anyone has done the SideFX Toronto Internship and has some advice that would be amazing. I've been wanting to apply for it for a while but I'm beyond terrified/unsure if my work is up to snuff yet.)

Thank you for your time!

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I'm not specifically an FX artist so I can't advise you on what an FX demo tape should look like.
But what I can tell you :
- you should must only show the best. It's better to have an impressive thirty second demo reel, than two boring minutes where we feel like you're trying to fill in the blanks.

- You should show us some of you works,  it will be much easier to help you.

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