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Labs Terrain Mesh ROP - adaptive mesh density

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This nodes seems too greedy and I cannot get anything out of it: It reaches the max RAM (32GB) very very quickly with very low res mesh, while with the same terrain a Convert Heightfield node gives me dense mesh.

The maximum I can get out of it is what you see in the screenprint, (33000 polygons) completely useless, if I go higher than 0,03 in base density, it asks for more than 32GB RAM.

While the detail is there and I get it with Convert Heightfield (16.7 million polygons) with no RAM issues.

How do I get it to work: less density in the flat areas and more density in the detail areas?

labs terrain mesh.JPG


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Hi Mate, Did you found any solution for this? ive been stuck with the same problem, curious to know if you get it solved.


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