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[HELP] Heightfeild to polygon terrain problems

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I've been working on a Volcanoe Sim. I started off with a 20000x20000 size heightfield (Image: Heightfield) then I converted the Heightfield to polygons so I could use it for destruction and resized the terrain so my computer could handle the RBD and Pyro Sims.

I now have two problems I haven't been able to solve the last few weeks:

How can I apply the the texture so its consistant over the multiple parts of destruction. (texture is made in Houdini COP2 node)

How can I transfer the atrributes for bedrock, debris, etc over to my smaller polygon model to use for scattering rocks and trees.


Not even sure if I'm asking the right questions, any pointers or advice would be awesome.



Problem area.PNG

Exploded view.PNG

Current Material Application.PNG

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The simulation is it volumes (smoke), or also lava? in other words, RBD collision just for the crater or collision with scattered rocks and trees?

If the sim is only for smoke going up, then your scattering should not even care about the eruption, it's as if you have a normal terrain, you scatter your stuff on the heightfield and cache it as geometry to add later.

Since you have already a texture in Cops, you know you can bring in any mask or erosion result into cops with a sop import, and channel copy.

About the texture it's unclear what the simulation does, does it blow up the top of the mountain? I don't see a crater on your mountain. Are you scattering rocks that will be thrown as part of the eruption? or do you plan to blow up the top part of the mountain? 

Maybe if you post the dynamics part, it will be clearer. or if you have a reference you're trying to replicate.


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The simulation is an RBD collision though I also have a smoke and particle sim but they're separate. I've done a voronoi to the top of the mountian (the dark green section in the previous images) then put it through a rigid body solver with a popmeatballforce to create the explosion.  (Theres an image of it below of just the collision and one with smoke added).

But I didn't know that I could use COPs like that! Thank you very much! I'll give it a try for scattering points. I want to use the points to scatter rocks and some very rough vegatation if my computer can handle it.



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