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  1. Hello guys. As title says, I'm created an grayscale procedural texture in Cops network. I'm made it work as displace map, however it comes as huge cost, needing an ultra high detailed grid. I'm would like to use it as bump, since the ideia it's to use that as fine details. I'm couldnt make it work by writing the path of copy into texture path in Bump & Normals tab. Not clue what's suppoed to do. Please help me. bump_v00.hipnc
  2. I have attached my Houdini file, containing my simulation for a paint along my logo. I am using FLIP Fluids and multiple collision objects. I don't think this is the best way, manually key-framing multiple objects against a flow object, and I don't know how to achieve a constant flow. Please give suggestions. Many thanks! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nStkBKHvVOi8k6e8A_uOLiCwCafBLvBY?usp=share_link
  3. Hello guys I'm building an lazy mood river I saw an reference that would fit exactly what that i need, it is something like those diffefent water flows. I'm wondering how to achieve this Pyro smoke 2d custom flow??
  4. Not sure if there’s something I’m missing, but with each new version I find myself having to configure my settings all over again. Is there an easy way to transfer all settings to the new version like in Blender? I’m talking global settings, node presets, etc. Thanks!
  5. Hi! This is my first post to this wonderful forum, my teacher recommended it to me since I'm the only one in my CG-course to want to work with Houdini and the autodidactic approach can be harsh sometimes I was following the classic "vex isn't scary"-tutorial on for loops and decided I wanted to try to make the "infected" points also move into a new position within the foreach-loop after they've become infected, which worked fine. But then I tried to create a float parameter that blended the initial position of each point and the new position, so that you are able to see them moving towards the center as they became infected, and got completely lost in the sauce. Anyone know how to write that in VEX? I attached the file with directions. Looking forward to spending time within this community, you guys are awesome! FORLOOPS_VEX.hipnc
  6. Hey guys i tought that the pop collision detect sop would work in both pop solder and rigid bodies solver. i want that the rbd pieces sticky/stop when collide in a geomtry. however i have no ideia how to build that in rigid bodies. please help me stop_at_collision.hip
  7. Hey guys, i messing a few days to achieve an fire spreading through a ceilling. like this reference: https://www.actionvfx.com/collections/ceiling-fire-stock-footage At first i thought that it would be easy, after a few days trying to reach the look, all my attemps were dull. i have no clue how to achieve this smooth/billowy flames behavior. i made an density source like cells. and an velocity field as vel field to "pull" the heat and try to give this blooby chambers. it just gives an messy/noisy result. Does anyone have an clue how approch this effect?? ceiling_flames_v00.hip
  8. Hi all, so I am kind of new to rendering with karma and have come across an issue where the light interaction with the geo is looking weird. Have tried retopo of the geo which hasn't worked. Any help would be amazing
  9. Hello guys. i creating an group to activate the pieces to start to fly. im using an sop solver in the pre-solve input to create those pieces active=1 However while move outside the region bound. it loss this attribute and simple stop. i tried to "hold" the attribute 1 using an max function, but i didnt work. please help me thanks in advance. ps: i uploading an simples setup of this hold_active_att.hip
  10. Hello, My aim is to be able to recreate an explosion made of objects (in this case pills), which collide with each other and move away and float without gravity in the opposite direction from the central point of origin "of the explosion. Does anyone have any idea how to recreate this effect? My thought was to simulate an explosion or growth effect and then replace the latter with an instance of objects. Any help would be welcome thank you very much in advance!
  11. cardso

    Tree Simulation

    Hi! First, I would like to say that I have a very basic knowledge of the program's tools, I have a very superficial knowledge of the whole. Maybe I don't really have the ability to do what I want yet but I decided to ask for help here! My intention is to make a tree simulation using Lsystem and 3 more leaves that I developed, I have some doubts in this whole process. I'll start with the part I got with the help of the forum, I managed to do the trunk simulation with the following formula: After that I developed 3 types of leafs with the following formula: What is my problem: within Lsystem I developed rules that have these leafs in the size, angle and places I want. But when I simulate the trunk they distort and the trunk is no longer stuck in its pin group, besides all the leaves don't turn into a mesh, even using a convert node they "break" when the simulation occurs. So my real problem would be not being able to transform them into solid material and then not being able to use them within Lsystem in the simulation, with their rules. I know that maybe it's very complex to help me with all this but if anyone can give me some light, pass a tutorial that addresses the topic in general I would be very grateful! I'll leave the file here too. planta2.hip
  12. Hi everyone, Anyone knows how I could get the world position of the tip of a bend deformer handle? (see image)
  13. Hi everyone! I recently started working with the HDK and have been trying to set my project up to use an external library, but I don't have a lot of experience with dependency management in C++. It seemed to me like setting something up with a cmake file was the way to go, but I'm having a hard time figuring out the best way to set something up to work with the Houdini environment. Is this something that is even possible, or am I going about this the wrong way? Thanks!
  14. I had this problem with my own project and decided to try a simple tutorial if the same problem would occur. It is a simple fracture animation exported as fbx to unreal. This is the tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVgKpOYo-4Q&t=5s and the problem is in the picture. The sphere is smooth in Houdini and as soon as I import it as skeleton mesh animation in Unreal it has these low poly edges. When I import it as static object without the animation the sphere is smooth again. If anyone knows how to fix it or why this might happen, all help is appreciated.
  15. Hi guys/ladies, how can I compute a proper vector field that's tangent to any arbitrary mesh in VEX? I used the polyframe SOP but there are some inconsistencies with the vector directions and plus I'd love to know a VEX approach for creating a proper tangent field on arbitrary mesh. Thanks in advance. (I've provided a file with the mesh I'm currently working on; see attached) compute_tangent_field_HELP_01.hip
  16. Hey there, So I have been looking around on various posts to try and find out how I take my template scene file and make so whenever I open a version of Houdini that template file is the one that opens. I know very little about scripting and I am not sure what I am meant to change in the 123.cmd file. Anyone ever done this and know how to set it up, please? Thanks
  17. I am a person who uses Houdini 18.0.499 version. As far as I know, if you press the question mark while wearing a hoodie, a help window will appear in html format. However, if you click the question mark on my computer, you can't find the page as shown below. The results came out, but I can't find the cause. How can I solve this problem? (Click the question mark)
  18. Hi All, for my uni project created this satellite destruction. I have attached the billowy smoke pre-set to the Debris source and it does not show in viewport or render view? But as I don't have any error messages I can't figure out why it won't show... All and any help in the right direction would be appreciated as my deadline is next month! Ill attach both files above. TIA, Calan. Save.16_Smokenotworking.hip Auto_UV_sat.obj
  19. Hello, I'm brand new to Houdini and have been working on a "shockwave" effect and I have just looked in the Render View and there was only black screen. Then I tried to actually render it but it would still only show a black screen. I've attached some images below to show the issues that I'm having. This is my Network inside of a Geometry. This is how it looks inside Scene View. This is how it looks in the Render / Render View. Here's the project file. Please help me out if you can learning shockwave.hip Thank you.
  20. Hello I am a person who uses the 18.0.499 version of Houdini. As far as I know, if you press the question mark while using the hoodie, the help window appears in html way. However, if you tap the question mark on my computer, you can't find the page as shown in the picture below. That's the result, but I can't find the cause. How can we solve this? (Click the question mark) (result)
  21. Hi Guys, I was trying to copy an object along multiple curves. I have attached few images that show how I get these curves. What happens at the end I'm getting some curves that have flipped winding orders, this eventually changes the tangent direction. Due to which when I use copy to points sop it flips my object. Kindly share your thoughts on fixing this issue.
  22. Hello Guys, I'm here for help or advice how achive this effect. Maybe someone of you tell me how i can start. I'm newbie in houdini, but i'm very interested in how to do something like this. Link on Picture Thanks, David
  23. Hello guys, i using the Particle Fluid Surface SOP to build the mesh of the simulation, however i need the increase the volume of mesh just at bottom of the model. i find the mask options quite usefull doing that job when i place the geometry to use as mask, the entire simulation mesh gets dilated and where is the geometry still same size (its inverted) i trying to set the dilate thing just inside the mask, but with no luck yet. thanks in advance. ps: i uploaded an basic .hip scene flrip_mesh_masl.hipnc
  24. Hello guys i with a job that has an droplet falling into object then embracing/huggind the geometry. i using an POP curve force to guide the fluid along an line however the initial point of the curve is really close to the end point curve, while in simulation it start to stick/attract the particles promptly in the end of the track. i would like the fluid flow completly trought the curve, without it getting stuck at end of line at start. please help ps: im build an simple .hip file to explain flrip_round_object.hip
  25. Hey I have some issues with my scene. As you can see in the image, the ocean looks strange. Also there are a lot of tiles repeating again and again, also inside the Non-Region. In this render the wave high is okay. But in other stuff it is not. You can see this here: Not only that the wave is too high (I do not find where the change this or I do not have a result inside the viewport idk), it looks like the water goes threw the ship hull, which would look weird. Any ideas on how to fix this? Edit: I also have the issue that the ocean flat tanked created the water not in the central where the ship is. I tried to fix this but nothing really work. Honestly I do not know the reason why it went this way anyway. I think Houdini is a very powerful software, but I am new to it. As always it will take some time to learn but helping me with this would really help
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