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Attribute stamp not working

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I am trying to copy random voronoi pieces to my points

I created a random attribute on each point to use as my stamp:

i@rand=int(fit01(rand(@ptnum+234), 1, 46));

I am deleting each piece based of this attribute and feeding it into a copy sop. I made sure to put my rand attribute in the "Attribute stamps" parameter on the copy sop

I am not sure why Im still getting one piece copied onto the points.

Please help. Not sure I understand this well enough.

Thank you




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that's not even using a stamp function

if you put this into blast Group parm it should do what you expect: 

@class=`stamp("../copy1", "rand", 0)`

however since you are using H18, you can directly use Copy to Points, rename rand into class and use class as a Piece attribute, can't post a file as I don't have access to H18 at the moment

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