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Subsurface quality parameter missing?

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I see here on the "removing noise" help page, that there is supposed to be a "Scattering Quality parameter located on the shader attached to the object".

In the Principled Shader I did not see it, but when I searched further I saw that on the help page of the Classic Shader, there should be one such control.
But when I tried in H17.5, it doesn't appear in the Classic Shader:


Woz going here?


Thanks in advance. :) 

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if you will select Model > Physical SSS there is Enable Multiple Scattering checkbox where you can find Quality parameter and the same thing under Enable Single Scattering there are Intensity and Quality

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Thanks for your reply, @zlyu

I am wondering how you use this VOP, I guess this isn't the right way? 


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Hey, @Krion :)

what i remember about PhysicalSSS will be building in Material Builder (was in Shop) in MatNet

they use Ce Parameter connected to sss single or multiple of PhysicalSSS

think Rohan Dalvi at least was showing it in Material Shader Buiding, maybe you saw it already

very roughly it would be smth like in file with else promoting needed parameters

Principled Shader kinda should be user-friendly, so i think it's probably already in-built in Principled Shader as you select in Surface > Subsurface Scattering parameters

though maybe i'm not right, going to check this 

Houdini 16 Masterclass | Custom Shading

SideFX 3D Houdini Animation Masterclass - New Shading Features

but there is relatively old thread i would check too

ouh and look at it... just read and read and read


and @Krion just out of interest was looking inside of Principled Shader (Allow Editing of Contents) it's somehow hardly coded but maybe you'll get some ideas from there or just will discover smth interesting

else thought about your pic, not sure if it's a valid way or smth, but just for playing have done this, my eyes say there is a difference in rendered result



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