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fracture via infection

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I have a small infection system on a grid. The infected points (red) are also used to scatter with "scatter on voxels independently" the same grid. A Cd attribute from zhe infected points set the density on that scatter node. Then into a voronoi and a solver. So far so good.

How could I set the chunks from the voronoi to active depending on the growth of the infection system? As the infection grows, the chunks should react in the solver and - easiest as a first step - fall down.

Next step would be to expand this system to constraints. Could someone help me please?


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Hi there,


In the RBD sim, I will recommend to use rbd packed object workflow rather than the rbd fracture object. In rbd packed object, you can overwrite an attrribute called "active", which allow you turn your RBD sim from inactive to active based on this attribute. Or if you are using bullet solver sop it's in bullet object tab.

So the idea is fracturing your geometry first and then pack them in the assemble sop. Then transfer your "infected" attribute to the points and use it as active attribute. You can use pcfind like you did in the solver or just a simple attribute transfer sop. You can then have something like when the infected is > 0, active = 1. If you have overwrite active turn on, chunks will start to fall when it detects your active attribute is 1.

Unfortunately I can't upload the file since I'm at work, but here is some information I found to explain the packed workflow better.



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