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Python delete parameter ref but keep previous keyframes

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I am making some shelf tools at the moment and in one, I am linking some paramters from one node to another (which works fine by just setting one parmater to be the other). I have a seperate tool that breaks all the references using deleteAllKeyframes(). Now this does get rid of my references but it also breaks all kinds of keyframes that the channel had at any point. I would love to be able to delete the reference but keep the keyframes, but I am struggling to figure out how. I am fairly new to python but I am currently investing some time learning. 

Could someone help me out?

Cheers :)

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you may need to clarify what exactly are you trying to replicate

as setting the reference will create a keyframe with ch() or chs() expression

if there were previous keyframes on such parameter, the segment function belonging to left keyframe of the current time segment will be replaced with ch() or chs() expression while other keyframes will keep the segment functions they had

what keyframes are you trying to get back to? the ones replaced by the reference functions? (those are gone)

or are you trying to delete reference, but replace it with the actual keyframes that the referenced parameter has? 

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