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A Question Regarding A Pic() Function


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I'm using a pic() function to apply color information pulled from a COP to points on my NURBS sphere. It works fine except for one little problem - the image (a default butterfly) instead of wrapping itself around the sphere is repeated twice on the sphere, once on the side facing me and the second time - on the back side. Do you guys know why this is happening? Here's the file.

Thank you very much.


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yes, you do need to add UVs. Adding a point sop does not calculate where the uvs are located, it just makes uvs available to use/manipulate. You need to append a uvproject SOP, for example (whichever you use, make sure uvs are a point attrib and not a vertex attrib).

I did this and it worked fine...

Sphere SOP


-50x50 Rows and Columns

UV Project SOP

-polar projection

Point SOP

-Add Color

-pic("../cop2net1/default_pic", $MAPU, $MAPV, D_CR), pic("../cop2net1/default_pic", $MAPU, $MAPV, D_CG), pic("../cop2net1/default_pic", $MAPU, $MAPV, D_CB)

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