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Hi, I'm working on some groom for a student short animation and I'm stuck on how to render everything. We've been working with maya vray for the environment and one of the main characters and houdini for the other lion main character and are now a bit confused. Whenever I import the fur into maya from houdini, it takes way too long to load so rendering the fur in maya is almost out of the equation unless there's a more efficient way to go about it.

Is it more efficient to import everything into Houdini and use one of the renderers that it supports (i.e. mantra or renderman)? Or would it be possible to use vray in Maya for most of the objects (like we're used to) and then try and replicate the lighting conditions in Houdini to render using another renderer (as vray is not supported in Houdini).


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Sorry I should've clarified, the resources we're given by our university doesn't include vray

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