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Export crowd agents to USD

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Hello wonderful people of ODForcce!

What would be the best approach to export large amount of agents(10 000) / agents in general, to USD. Without unpacking.

Is it possible?

The "bakeskinning" lop node sorta works, but houdini crashes after exporting a couple frames. 

Cheers! :)

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Hi !
I don't know about USD (I only know the base of what it is), but agents are quite reluctant to being exported out of Houdini
Just exporting to FBX is "not possible", unless you write a custom tool to convert the packed agent to "actual geometry", like in here

But this is NOT made for multiple agents. Haven't tested, but maybe just 5 would be slow, and 100 be painful

So maybe (hopefully) someone will come along and say that with USD, it's actually surprisingly simple
But with my experience with Agents and trying to export them to FBX, that's a big oof

Sorry for not being super helpful

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