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[Solved] Heightfield: less river erosion / only on specific areas

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Posted (edited)

Hey everyone,

I am just building a landscape based on real world data.

To get more details and layer masks, I use erode.

Now I would like to folow the original rivers to get the water layer mask.

So I used Openstreetmap to get a simple map and and build a mask in photoshop.

I can now use that mask to erode only where I have that river without creating hundres of little streams :D

What I actually want is that everything is eroded normaly but the water layer only where I use that image mask.

How would I do that?

The goal is, to get deeper riverbeds, do use a seperate geometry for the water.

Thx alot! :)

Ps: pink is where I want the rivers, red where I dont want rivers.





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Posted (edited)

Oh, I just solved the problem... I used HF Layer to make the riverbed deeper / on one level and also used the same mask with some blur... :)

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