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Houdini NLE Clip Mixer


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I built a non-linear editor/clip mixer for Houdini. On pre-sale right now (PC only, while I continue to work on the Mac version).

It's great for bringing in a bunch of different FBX mocap files and mixing and blending them together with a graphical interface.




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8 hours ago, animatrix said:

Wow this is a game changer! And I want that custom timeline to replace the default one in minimalist style :D

Thanks! I worked really hard on re-imagining what the Houdini UI might look like. If I have time, I may see if I can make my own Houdini stylesheet that has this look.

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Next houdini's biggest UI update should be a non linear editor.

But beyond what we see in other DCC packages. because this is houdini. more about a CG platform than just a 3d package.


Houdini's NLE must support handling of animation data, sound data, cached data, video data, and every kind of user defined custom data which has the potential to being represent-able via bars display in the editor. may be Nuke Studio (hiero and nuke combination) could be a good start point to imagine how a fully node based package can collaborate in a bar based representation mode for its data handling.

Considering the above, making a mutual relationship between nodes and bars to support different houdini's contexts to reflect the edits of either sides to the other side efficiently, will not be a trivial task surely.


If that would happen, we'll see more people transitions from other packages of different kinds toward just one package for doing all of the works! then "CGI" industry will be renamed to "H" industry. :)



Anyway, you have done a great job @Adam.

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