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(SOLVED)POP: Rotating instanced geometry help


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Hello guys

i with a scene that has bunch of swords falling, they do not need to colide or something.

i using a Pop solver with simple points falling, then i attached an copy sop to actually plug the incoming geometry.

the point is, they are just falling like freezed/boring, no rotation. i've tried wrangle an angular velocity but it seems is just not work with Pop's.

how to given them rotating effect with random direction for particle for sure.

thanks in advance.

ps: i've attached an simples setup.


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9 minutes ago, jonah@jonahtobias.com said:

Wrangling angular velocity should work with pops. Here's a slight modification to your file.  I've given each particle an initial random direction in SOPS then used the POP drag spin node to do the random spinning in DOPs.




wow this solution was amazing!! thanks! i hardly would approach this in such clever way.

i wondering about this chop inside dop, what is exactly doing??

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