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Point Position In Ndc


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Hi there,

I'd like to find a geo (point) position in NDC but not in rendertime but in UI? Is it possible?

I was thinking about creating Camera vector (Add point in Camera geo, add normal to it) and then compute angle between this one and look_at vector from camera to my geo. Then *somehow* I could find my XY. For example there must be some relation between this angle(eye & lookat my_point) and horizontal&veritcal focal angles...

any ideas?

thanks in advance!



Ok, found this on odforce.net/tips :) :

toNDC(vector p, float zoom)
float z;
z = zoom / p.z;
p *= set(z, z, 1);
p += {0.5, 0.5, 0};

vel_blur(matrix4 camera=1; float focal=50, aperture=42)
float zoom;
vector p0, p1;
vector screenV;

zoom = focal/aperture;
p0 = P;
p1 = P + v;
p0 *= camera;
p1 *= camera;
toNDC(p0, zoom);
toNDC(p1, zoom);

Is this is what I was looking for? (not sure) Is it still usable?

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