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Can't save smoke propperly

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properly I guess would be .exr

but if you want to save .png, png is usually written with straight alpha, so by default houdini assumes the render is premultiplied and divides by alpha on save which in your case is 0, so you can either make sure your alpha is not 0 or add PNG Premultiplied (vm_image_png_frompremult) property to Mantra ROP and set it to Unpremultiplied, or save to .exr and process later as you please

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Oh, thank you so much! It worked with exr and jpeg. 
Don't you mind if I ask where I can add PNG Premultiplied (vm_image_png_frompremult) property to Mantra? I don't think that I got that part. 

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select Mantra ROP and in parameter pane from COG menu select Edit Rendering Parameters

you can either find it in the left list or type premult in the filter to narrow it down, select the property and press -> button and Accept

you/ll find it in Images/Metadata tab

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