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POP WRANGLE - Kill others by current @dead / Stable by particle-id


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Let me explain what I am trying to do: I make connections, and keep track on the ‘target points’ which from which other points connections were made and how many. (with two attributes: i[]@isTarget_ptID_Array, and i@isTargetOf_counter)
thus far I got a fairly stable connection ‘by id’, but only when particles die some unwanted behaviour is happening and points will snap to the origin. 

I tried to resolve this by trying to kill all connected points when a point dies (by setting the attribute of these connected points to @dead=1 when the current pt is dead, or going to die, before the ‘reaping of the particles’)
But that doesn’t seem to work (or at least in the way I tried). Why does the id 45 not die along when id 20 dies in these gifs? 45 is in the array of the 20, right?

thanks for any help,

kill simultaneously.hipnc




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probably because your 20 died as a result of being marked dead from the list of another id

imagine your POPwrangle is run once over all points in the timestep, before the wrangle you have among others 3 points (your frame 354)

id 15, tgtArray [20], dead 1

id 20, tgtArray [45, 3], dead 0

id 45, tgtArray [ 32 ], dead 0

you run your wrangle over them then point with id 15 sice dying will mark dead it's target prim and also target array ids [20], at the same time in parallel particle with id 20 cause not marked dead yet on input will not trigger it's target array [45,3], so the result will be 

id 15, tgtArray [20], dead 1

id 20, tgtArray [45, 3], dead 1

id 45, tgtArray [ 32 ], dead 0

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