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[Solved] HDA loading incomplete in UE4


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I know, its a topic that was talked about alot.

But I have no idea whats going on.

I installed the newest Houdini Indie version (18.0.499) and even tried the daily version.

The Unreal Engine is also the most up to date version (4.25.1).

From the change logs I understood, that 18.0.499 and UE 4.25.1 should work together.


I made a very simple HDA with just a box and tried to load it into UE. (attached)
But I only get the temp Houdini Logo geo that shows when importing an HDA.

So I tried an asset from orbolt, same problem.

Than I tried an HDA from a mate that was made with HoudiniFX.
That asset actually will crash in Houdini, but loads incomplete into UE.

I only see the cannon pipe, but the rest like the wheels etc do not load.


That gave me the idea, that the plugin works but something else is not working.

I also realised, that every time I run UE, it will tell me, that there is a new Plugin - it points me to the Houdini Engine Plugin (shows under the tab "Renderer" ?)

Under Project Settings the Houdini Engine is listed.

I also tried an older Version of UE.

I also checkt if maybe the firewall is blocking something.


Could there be something else, that makes problems?

Everything is lega, so no cracked Houdini running or whatever.

But still, I have no idea whats going on.


I am also in contact with Support - but I guess I am doing something wrong somewhere.


Does anybody have an idea, what could be the problem?

Thanks and sry to ask about that topic again, but makes no sense to me. :)



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