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Export noise as greyscale image from point VOP

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With Python you could try something like this:

import numpy as np
from PIL import Image

path = hou.evalParm('image_path')
node = hou.pwd()
geo = node.geometry()

lum = np.array(geo.pointFloatAttribValues('luminance'))
lum = lum * 255
lum = lum.astype(np.uint8)
img = Image.fromarray(lum, mode='L')

This way, it currently throws an 'tuple index out of range'-error with 1-dimensional arrays for greyscale images, though.


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@karen its white because you are viewing the wrong pass. IF you look at my photo you have to view the right image plane. Open it in mplay and select diffcolor.

you might need to save it as something other then jpeg for multiple channels. Just try by hitting render to mplay and to test it.


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