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fracture Piece min max values of the local cut


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Hi All, sorry for the heading, Its a hard one to describe lol.

I have a booleanfracture piece and want to process only the middle points , then with that create geo that knows the distance to top and bottom of its local position

(as the slice fracture is not a flat plane, hopefully a picture helps). 

Im not sure the best approach, I would start with nearpoints in some way ,finding the top points and test down for a middle storing the lowest for distance checks??

lol, well its a tricky one





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Hi Noobini, Thanks for the reply.

I simply would like an understanding if im on the right approach, a jpg concept would also be great ;) ,

The script is a simple booleanfracture piece ,nothing special, my feeling was its a quite advanced topic and those who would understand the issue would not need such a thing, perhaps one of the long term members can post if this the correct assumption?


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thanks noobini,

This is a useful node, whats nice is its really just VEX code wrapped in a nice package for selection.

seems the approach in VEX with nearpoints  is still on the cards but the relbox code is clean;

abs( (relbbox(0,@P).y)-0.5)<ch("spread")

However this does depend on the rebbox alignment, unfortunate this fails as the bbox is world aligned and if a cut is on an angle it fails

the GroupCreate (include by edge) will find the top /bottom so perhaps processing this after might help...

Ill still investigate further...

thanks again for the jpg, sorry you did not get a hip file...next time :)





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