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Heightfield / Redshift / Proxies not working anymore

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since yesterday evening I am trying to render instanced trees on a Heightfield - and it doesnt work anymore.
I could render the proxies before and so I dont understand, what I am missing here.

I have a simple tree.rs and imported that under the redshift tab / Proxy:


On the HF Geometry i ticked 'Instance SOP Level packed Primitives'

I also unchecked 'Keep incoming terrain' and made an extra geometry that loads the converted HF.

With object merge I load the proxy in the HF scatter.


And than the final render is rendering only the boxes...
Some days ago I was still able to rendern 100k trees as proxies.
What am I am doing wrong?



Thanks alot,

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Oh man - found the problem.... I was not using packed geometry anymore but loaded instantly RS proxies from disc.
So I had to add attribute wrangle to load the proxies instead of just object merge.


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