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Vellum internal pressure


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Hello guys,

I am learning Houdini, so I decided to make a small project to get me going.

I throw what will be a transparent bubble against a surface, by I expect it to have internal pressure and try to retain it's shape just like a balloon.

Right now I managed to do everything, but the sphere collapses at impact and refuses to maintain the spherical shape.

I want to shoot that sphere against the shape and have it bounce without collapsing. So, like it would contain water inside...like a water balloon.

I took this for granted cause in Cinema 4D it's a 1 click solution almost. But in Houdini I might be missing something.


Houdini file attached in case someone wants to take a look.

Thank you!




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I haven't had a look at your file, so I don't know if you have had a look at this already, but maybe have a look at the vellum pressure constraint? If you hit TAB and search for "Vellum Configure Balloon" you should get a preset where it will create two nodes, one vellum configure cloth and one vellum pressure constraint. This should give you a "squishy" behavior where it will deform but will try to maintain its volume.

Otherwise I'd have a look at the "Vellum struts constraints", this constraint will try to make your shape preserve it's shape but it will become very rigid, this constraint is not for if you want your geometry to be able to deform, only preserve its shape.

Hope some of that helps!

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