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Get pressButton() error raise in try block

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Hey guys,

I'm scripting some pipeline things, and I'm stuck on getting the error raise when pressButton() method fails. Here's my not working code :

import houdini_log as h

node = hou.node("obj").createNode("alembicarchive")

except hou.OperationFailed:
  h.log.error("Can't build hierarchy")

Anyone has an idea on how to catch this error ?



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Unfortunately, it's not working that way. I submitted an RFE a long time ago, but they still quiet on this.

But you can still get what you want:

parm = your_alembic_node.parm("buildHierarchy")
cb = parm.parmTemplate().scriptCallback()
kwargs = dict(node=your_alembic_node)
	eval(cb, locals())


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