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Attribute Transfer not restoring 'Alembic Path' information properly..why might this be?

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I have this object made in 3ds Max that has maybe 10 different parts, which in Houdini show up as 'Alembic Paths'. After voxeling the object i need to restore the information of these 'parts', but when in attribute transfer i select 'path' from the dropdown, i get messed up results. This is how it looks before Attribute Transfer ( and this is how it looks afterwards. What should i look at to resolve this?




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Since Attribute Transfer works by distance, it might transfer the 'path' attribute to the wrong primitives.

My suggestion would to do your operations in a for-each-loop that runs over the path attribute.
The loop will isolate each part of your model, based on the unique 'path' value they have.
Then after your process of re-meshing, still inside the for-each-loop, you can use a primitive wrangle to pick the path value from the original piece and set it on your new geo.

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