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having a problem using an attribute/variable

that was created using a particle operator

vop. the attribute values are present in the

spreasdsheet but I cannot apply them to anything.

other per-point attributes work fine in this case...

is this a limitation of pops + vops or have I

overlooked something?



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Another solution would be to add a Custom Variable Name to your attribute (I think that's the proper terminology?)

The easiest way to do this add an AttributeCreate SOP below your custom Particle VOP - and make the Attribute's name the same as your variable, i.e.: xfamp -and set it's value to be equal to itself, i.e. $XFAMP.

Then you should be able to use $XFAMP as a local variable anywhere else you want in your particle network.

If this doesn't make sense let me know and I'll make an example file / screenshots. (I'm in OSX right now, not Windows so I can't quickly do this like I normally would).

Hope that helps!

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