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Viewport selection -> Group parameter


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With almost every modelling node in Houdini we are able to select primitives, points etc in the viewport......tab menu select the required node and the selection of primitive numbers for example is in the group field parameter. 

How is this same functionality achieved with assets?

Thank you.


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I managed to get this working through an onCreated script. The official way of using shelftool scripting resulted in errors that I wasnt able to debug (also documentation is pretty bad for this)

my oncreated code:

import stateutils
import hou

node = kwargs['node']
pane = stateutils.activePane(kwargs)

   geo = pane.currentGeometrySelection()
   geoType = geo.geometryType().name()
   labels = node.parm("grouptype").menuLabels()
   items = node.parm("grouptype").menuItems()
   groupType = items[labels.index(geoType)]
   print "creating standard node"

There may be a typo in there, but i think this should be fine. Of course you need to adjust the parameter names if yours are different



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