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im taking a chance that this is what u want (being in the SHOPS and not SOPS), but what about draging the shader Cd/Diffuse value parameter into the light color value,

u do this by actually left clicking on the Diffuse label (not on the color or values),

then drag it over to the text of the light color of the light u want to have linked to that shader.

u'll have a little menu pop up and u can select channel reference.

that basically uses the ch expression to link the value from the shader to the light color

otherwise u can just use the following expression in the values of ur shader values rgb




ch("/shop/(specific shader)/diffr") - ive used the default vex super shader

hope this is what ur looking for :-)


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I was wondering if there is a way to grab the Cd value from a shader that changes with time and have that drive the intensity and color of a light. There are other ways I could fake it I think but if I could just do it this way it would be much more simple and accurate.

I'm not sure about importing Cd to Light Shader (bad direction, it's hard to know Cd before Cl...) but you can do it oposite way. Import Cl to Surface shader, store it in additonal plate and use it as you like in composition state.

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