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[Resolved][Solaris] usd_getbbox Vex functions return Huge incorrect values

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I'm running into a small problem trying to automate a Daily Tool.

Basically I want to be able to get the BBox of my asset to transform them accordingly next to each other for presentation.
Only Problem is when I query the Bbox_size or min,max,etc... using the Vex functions(usd_getbbox_size)
houdini returns values that are huge (bboxSize = {-6.80565e+38,-6.80565e+38,-6.80565e+38}).
Which makes it basically unusable.

I don't know wether it's a bug Or I'm using it wrong.

Thank you very much in advance!

Here is my vex snippet:

//=========== Parameters =============//

string parentPath = usd_parentpath(0, @primpath);

//----------- String Path Par

string wildCardAsset = "/cube1";

//----------- Setting Bbox Par

vector bbox_size = usd_getbbox_size(0,wildCardAsset,"Render");

printf("bboxSize = %g",bbox_size);


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1 hour ago, malexander said:

I believe that means that the bbox is invalid, likely because the extents weren't authored on the prim.

I found the problem it was due to my "purpose tag" was incorrect!

I changed it to proxy for my mesh and I got the correct values


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