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How to remove inner line after boolean?


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I am struggle how to remove the inner line after boolean for drawing contour. I know that line comes because of connecting primitive as same height, but the both side of points are not neighbor so they are random...

If you know how to remove that line, I would like you to tell me.


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WE had That File from 2016 you can use any gradient on any shape, Houdini its all about Colors----------------->link


vector bb=getbbox_size(0);
vector bmax=getbbox_max(0);
vector bmin=getbbox_min(0);
float green_line=chf("GreenLine");

    @Cd=set(abs(fit(@P.y,fit01(green_line,bmin.y-bb.y,bmax.y),bmax.y,0,1))*0.5,fit(@P.y, bmin.y, bmax.y, 0.5, 1),abs(fit(@P.y,fit01(green_line,bmin.y-bb.y,bmax.y)
    @Cd=set(0.0, fit(@P.y, bmin.y, bmax.y, 0.5, 1), 0.0);




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