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copy input attributes broken on pyro trail source sop


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Maybe some one could take a look at this, but I think it might be a glitch/bug with the pyro trail source sop.  To begin, all the new pyro sourcing nodes have the option to copy the input attributes so you can copy custom attributes. However, this feature seems to be broken on the pyro trail source node because I don't actually think pressing the button is doing anything (its not linked to anything).  All my attributes from the previous node (which of course is the pyro trail path node) are not being copied over to the pyro trail source. Look at my scene/photos, I created a Cd attribute that is green {0,1,0} and a "test" float with the value 2. I added some visualizers so you can see in my one photo that the trail is green and the marker says "2" as everything should be. Once I add my pyro trail source and click copy input attributes, all of my custom attributes go away. Actually, you can still see Cd, but that's because the pyro trail source made its own Cd and its just white, ignored my value. but you can see that "test" is gone. As I said earlier when I looked inside the pyro trail source node, when you click "copy input attributes" nothing actually happens. Its seems to just bee in the parameter interface, but its not actually setup/linked to anything. Any thoughts?





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I agree, that is a candidate for bug report. Go ahead and unlock the HDA and move to the bottom of the network. You'll discover that your attribute is copied to the guide geometry, but not the Output node.

To continue your work, try using an attribute transfer after the trailsource to forward your attributes along.

Or give this a try...


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thanks! actually, even then the attributes are not copied to the actual particles that are generated, that is just seeing the guides from the last node. if you look at  my photo you can see the particles still have a value of 0 for "test". the particles are the thing that pyro trail source is generating, the guides come from the pyro trail path.


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