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Wtih A Twist Studio - 2nd Unit Vfx

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My name is David Burton, I have worked around as 2nd unit at spi, dd, a52 on houdini.

I used to be co-owner of Travelling Pictures. I am now a VFX Supervisor at

With A Twist Studio. We have offices in Detroit and in Venice (corner of lincoln/superba)

We have a team of 8 cgi artists. With skills in Houdini fx, tracking, z-brush, texture/uv, and composting.

We have had a lot of success as a second unit working with stuidos using Houdini and max/vray depending on the job. For the last year we have concentrated on Commercial work but recently finished working on the trailer for Transformers and now my guys all want to get into feature work again.

We also have a sizeable renderfarm in Detroit that is linked via vpn to the Venice Studio.

The advantage is that we are a working crew with a producer that is turnkey, tightly knit and

ready to go with our own equipment down to our own project management system.

Anyways...my email is daland@withatwiststudio.com

thank you, and HI to all my houdini friends out there!


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Hey David,

Funny enough when your studio appearred not a block from my house in Venice, I was thinking "Wit studios? I wonder what they do?" - and now I know!

Best of luck with all your ventures!


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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick bit of news. Last week Michigan passed the largest film/commercial incentive plan in the US. 40% rebates on any production spending more than 50k with no upper limit. The bill does apply towards VFX work. We have all the paperwork and information if anyone is looking to work with a great VFX crew in Michigan. (We have a Venice Studio as well)

Heres a link for more information. Thank you!!




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