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seperate temporal and spatial easing


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hi everyone,


i want to animate a camera, for now lets say i have two keyframes. and i want to have an arc in the motion + independently change the velocity of movement (i,e. so it doesn't affect the arc).
anyone has any tips, on how could i do that so i am have most control?


many thanks in advance

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11 hours ago, guache said:

Create a polyline defining the path, constrain the camera to it. Use the "position" setting (where on the arc the camera is) to time it any way you want.


Thanks for the reply, however I am not looking for that approach. 

Not a huge fan of path constraint for camera animations. I would ideally prefer the built-in motionpath system (rigging shelf> pose) inside houdini. However when i adjust the tangents on the points (keyframes) on the motionpath, they change the key spacing, I am trying to find out if they can be decoupled. (Something like in ae)

*(+ the tangents of the motion path behave unpredictibly and inconsistently, similar wierd stuff happens with the camera handles as well - not sure I am doing it wrong, or both of them are kinda buggy - still at it trying to understand ) 

Side topic: This  https://jdbgraphics.nl/script/protrajectoryhandles/ looks great!





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