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ik with constraints

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I am new to rigging in houdini (or just in general). While I am waiting for a more full featured version of kinefx figured I would mess around in obj rigging. I set up a basic IK with twist affector to control a sort of robotic arm. I needed to limit which axes the different bones could rotate on as shown in the photo. However, the IK seemed to ignore the angle range I set. Then I read that you need to use ik with constraints to get that working. So I enabled that option which led to these problems:
1. Once you enable ik with constraints,  you know longer have that twist affector. So how do you control that area if you can't use a twist affector?
2. When I move around my arm, the middle joint snaps around chaotically, unlike when my twist affector was on. 

Is ik even the way to go for something like this? 





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To fix the snapping you should place the pole further away.

Haven't had the time to play a whole lot with kinefx, but why not use it? Especially for somethin like this it should be perfect.


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thanks, Ill update if I get anything working. why not use kinefx? Its just rigid parts with no capture I don't really need procedural rig. From what I have seen, actually animating in kinefx isn't completely finished if I am not mistaken.

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