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Using houdini for hair in a maya pipeline


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Was wondering if anyone could offer any insight on using houdini to generate/simulate hair in a maya pipeline. One method I could use xgen to generate the hair and sim the guides in houdini then bring that back into maya. But then......I would have to use maya and xgen, which I really don't like. Since we are using redshift I know I could export the hair as a RS and bring it into maya. But then if we want to change the hair width, make it slightly longer, etc the other maya artists would not  have that control it would require me to change the settings in houdini and export. Can anyone offer some knowledge on a work flow creating hair in houdini and bringing it into maya? Also side note, importing curve abc files from houdini into maya seems really inefficient. The way it imports into maya is quite strange, like a new shape for each curve or something weird like that.


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What you could do is explore Bifrost, which will read attributes coming from Houdini then you will need to transfer those into something that BF understands.
However you will have to export and abc if you are using redshift as render engine, but you will have control in Maya. If use Arnold you can keep everything procedural. 

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