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Glue Constraint Guide geometry red lines

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Hello masters!

I know this probably is a noob question, but my guide geometry for a fractured geo all appear to point to a distant pivot point, probably a modeling mistake i did... 

Is there a way to correct this easily, or i would be  better off re-modeling my initial geo ?


Thanks for any help !


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Heyo, if you post your hipfile (including any external geometry needed for the scene) it would be easier to analyze the issue. But taking a shot in the dark it might be because of what you are connecting with the glue constraints maybe? Is there some geometry out there at the end of the constraints? Also to have asked the question since your viewport grid is turned of, are the constraints going to world 0 on the viewport grid? If so then they most likely could not find the other object they were supposed to connect to.

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8 hours ago, Petas said:

I hope "locked" geo follows in the hip file.

Indeed it does.

So after having a look I can't see any of your constraints freaking out like in your screenshot, however, that might be because nothing actually happens in the sim. The dam just sits there. So once again I don't have anything except speculations, but one thing you could try is to remove the expression of the "overwrite with sop" parameter on your "glue_Destroyable_Z_RockCribs" "constraint network" node and set its value to 0. By default this thing runs a python expression, checking the input of your constraints from SOPS and checks if they have been altered, if they have then it will reimport your constraints in the sim with the ones from SOPS. Which is probably not what you want in this case. If you set its value to 0 then it will import the constraints once at the start of your sim and never reimport them, letting them die off during the sim as you please.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for your generous time, this part of my project was modeled very early in the process AND very early in my Houdini education... So, this is very bad modeling on my part (thanks for not pointing it out!)

I have tried cleaning-up the geo, removing all stray polys and points garbage that came from previous poorly executed boolean operations, but i arrive to the same result, as soon as i dive in the dopnet, those crazy lines pop-out again.

I will re-start remodeling the complete DAM fresh with a little more care and experience, and probably this won't happen when sim time comes again... Still learning a lot out of this!

Thanks, really.

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